Project name: Youth Centre at Tbilisi State University/ Promoting Integration, Tolerance and Awareness program (PITA)
Implementation period: June, 2015 - May, 2021
Location: Tbilisi
Status: Completed


The goal of the project: to support students for achieving academic success, social and civic integration in the university environment.
Objectives of the project:
» Facilitating non-Georgian speaking students in the process of mastering the Georgian language through non-formal education;
» Raising civic awareness among ethnic minority students and their Georgian peers;
» Developing abilities among students of coexistence in a multicultural environment, respect and tolerant attitudes towards people of different religion, culture or beliefs;
» Teaching students to write and implement mini-grant projects, volunteer activities, conducting of informational campaigns, civil activism and developing of skills necessary for further employment;
The Results of the project:
» Ethnic minority students meet with their Georgian peers in an informal educational environment and jointly implemented various interesting projects;
» Students developed the skills of writing and implementing projects and were able to find jobs in the non-governmental, private or governmental sector;
» The students involved in the project raised their awareness about people with different cultural, religious and traditional backgrounds and were able to successfully work and live together in various activities;
» With the help of the youth center, the university space became an interesting, comfortable and pleasant environment for students with different abilities, skills, interests and cultural background;
» Thematic lectures, seminars and discussions were held taking into account the interests of the students, which allowed the participants to enrich their knowledge and broaden their outlook.