Project: Development of Literacy through Modern Technology
Date: 2014
Status: Completed

The project was implemented with the financial support of The Open Society Georgia Foundation (OSGF).
The idea of the project was to create various technological applications of leveled readers as well as create audio versions of leveled readers. The project aims to support literacy development of students by enabling them to use modern learning technologies such as computers, iphones, ipads and other electronic reading devices.
Project objectives
• For literacy development provide access to the readers not only visually but with audio versions of the texts as well and at the same time it is important that these resources be accessible without internet. Besides minorities, children with disabilities who cannot work with computer independently can also benefit from this kind of service. As the readers are trilingual audio versions can be used by ethnic minorities as well as the majorities.
• Enrich the website www.reading.ge with audio texts.
• Develop e-books for various EPUB format e-reading devices such as Apple, Amazon Kindle and others.
• Provide support to maintain, develop and popularize Georgian language and its instruction with modern methods.
The following activities were implemented in the framework of the project:
• Make audio version of the 416 leveled textbooks Text synchronized audiobooks were created for children who wish to hear and navigate written material presented in an audible format. The website www.reading.ge and an audio version of "Reading Ladder" is the learning application that contains everything students need to learn to read and speak fluently, on the other hand it promotes the joy of reading and the love of books.
• Create program module which provides access to the audio and reading texts for e-reading/listening devices without internet.
The program module enables e-materials to convert to e-books, which are familiar with various EPUB format e-reading devices and these e-books will be available even without internet access. The program is integrated in students' net books and available for all school children. The CD version of the program also was delivered to schools and students with eye disabilities.
• Presentation of e-products - In order to present the project results and get acquainted the project target groups with terms of use of the e-products the meetings were conducted in SamtskheJavakheti and Kvemo Kartli regions, as well as in Ministry of education and Science and with nongovernmental organizations.
• Conduct trainings with primary grade teachers throughout Georgia - In order to learn how to teach with technology the training sessions were conducted for primary grade teachers and methodologists of educational resource centers. In future they will provide their colleagues with the information about new learning resources and will support their integration into the teaching/learning process.
Project benefits
• The project provides literacy development among Georgian school children.
• Reading programs which are based on modern technologies are available and ensure reading process to be interesting, effective and joyful.
• The audio texts are available to develop reading and listening skills of ethnic minorities in Georgian language.
• The various texts including informative and fiction are available for the students with eye disabilities.
• The information about modern learning/teaching techniques and how to use them effectively to develop reading skills of students is available for teachers.
• Using technology in teaching/learning process for literacy development will become more and more common.
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