Project name: MySchool.Ge/ganatleba.ge for better educational opportunities and civic engagement
Implementation period: November 2021-March 2022
Donor: OGP EU


The goal of the project: to support school communities and active citizens in Georgia to question and monitor educational public services through the development of an innovative online platform and associated mobile app (Myschool.Ge) and the introduction of an ease-to-use accountability instrument as an efficient mechanism for an engagement of Georgian society in an improvement of educational institutions.
Project Results:
 » To pilot the platform is targeting clustered schools that will consolidate every type of secondary education institution of Georgia;
 » To involve in the project, all 2086 public schools, 1000+ preschools and app. 40 state universities of Georgia;
 » To continue developing the platform while expanding services - The platform has a potential for sustainability while expanding services to preschool and higher educational institutions, incorporating mechanisms of governmental and societal cooperation