Project name: Integration of Society through Multilingual Education
Implementation period: 01.04.2022-31.03. 2026
Location: Kvemo Kartli, Samtskhe-Javakheti
Status: Ongoing

The aim of the project is to facilitate the social integration process in Georgia by the support of a multilingual educational reform as a significant component of the State Strategy for Civic Equality and Integration 2021-2030.


The project will strive to achieve the following results:
» Eleven pre-schools in the national minority settled regions have teaching capacity and
adequate support to implement CLIL in support of school education;
» Teaching and learning materials for implementation of preschool CLIL educational
programs are developed;
» An improvement of language competencies of 220+ preschool students in four pilot
kindergartens chosen by the MoES and Seven pilot kindergartens supported by the CCIIR/OSCE
HCNM are supported while preparing teachers for the appropriate usage of the new materials;

» Capacity of the local municipalities and preschool agencies in the regions of Kvemo Kartli
and Samtkhe-Javakheti are built, and they are prepared to support bilingual education in the
kindergartens which is based on a strategic vision and detailed action plan;
» 25 schools in the national minority settled regions are supported by the system and school
administration, have a sufficient human capacity and subsequent education for implementation of the
CLIL in social subject matter;

» Teaching and learning materials for implementation of CLIL programs in “My Homeland” and “Me and Society” in grades 3-6 of school education are developed;
»The capacity of Georgian and non-Georgian schools’ teachers is built by initiating an exchange
» five pilot schools chosen by the MoES and 20 pilot schools supported by the CCIIR and
OSCE HCNM is supported in the implementation of a bilingual education program by introducing a school-based professional development system, classroom observation, data collection, and analysis as a
mean for teaching/learning quality enhancement.