Project Name: Gender Equality in School textbooks
Implementation period: September 2020-March-2022
Donor: European Union, UNFPA, UN WOMEN
Location: Tbilisi, Guria, Imereti

The project aims to support the gender-equality in the Georgian school education system.
The main objectives:
» To analyze the textbooks of primary grades in literature and language, math, and social sciences, as well as textbooks and draft textbooks of the grades 7th and 8th in basic school against gender sensitivity;
» To examine the ongoing reform of textbook licensing rules in light of gender equality;
»To raise public awareness and advocate positive changes based on the findings of the research;
» To build the capacity of school teachers to promote gender equality and avoid gender stereotyping in Georgia
The main outcomes of the project:
» Improved understanding of the stakeholders about the gender sensitive education resources;
» Well-prepared teachers’ community embarking on a research, reflection, analysis and mainstream of gender-sensitive instructional practices;
» 600 teachers working Tbilisi, Guria, and Imereti schools possess relevant competencies, skills and sound knowledge of the methodological approaches to promote gender equality, combat stereotyping and instructional bias, and translate shortcomings of school textbooks into positive experiences;
» Improved understanding of the stakeholders about the gender-sensitive education resources;
» Well-prepared teachers’ community embarking on research, reflection, analysis, and mainstreaming of gender-sensitive instructional practices;
» Revisions in the textbook approval rules undertaken where the gender-related criteria ensured balanced representation of both genders and consideration of the equal interest of and opportunities to boys and girls.
»The textbooks which are in the process of development under the new National Curriculum of Georgian school education include the criteria for gender-balanced content and representation;
» Gender equality is mainstreamed in the education system of the country as a result of improved rules / policies and elaborated education materials.