Date: September-June, 2019
Donor organization: Open Society Georgia Foundation (OSGF)
Location: Kvemo Kartli region, 6 villages and cities of Marneuli, Gardabani, Dmanisi and Bolnisi districts.
Status: Ongoing


Project Outcomes:

✔️ Bilingual education model will be introduced in 6 ethnic minority kindergartens in order to address the needs of local communities.
✔️ Target Kindergartens will be equipped with all necessary bilingual resources in order to implement effective CLIL.
✔️ The representatives of target kindergartens will acquire bilingual teaching methodology and enrich their knowledge and experience.
✔️ More than 400 preschool children will develop cognitive skills and improve Georgian as well as native language command, therefore they will be well prepared for school.
✔️ In order to develop bilingual education in preschool institutions, practical sample of using effective method will be prepared, that on the other hand, will enable other kindergartens and schools to utilize it in their educational/instructional programs.

CCIIR has already been implementing bilingual education programs in pilot schools and kindergartens in Kvemo Kartli and Samtskhe-Javakheti regions (project - INTEGRATION OF SOCIETY THROUGH MULTILINGUAL EDUCATION / OSCE HCNM).

Both ongoing projects support integration process of society through implementing multilingual education programs.