2017, 2018, 2019

Location: TSU, Samtskhe-Javakheti State University 
Donor: OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities 
Objectives: a) Support the process of successful social inclusion and civil integration of ethnic minority students through educational interventions. b) Facilitate dialogue between the Armenian, Azeri and Georgian youth while building their capacity and providing constructive space for meaningful interaction.
Status: Ongoing

 Upcoming results: 

1. The course of the diversity and tolerance is integrated into the one-year Georgian Language Program frame and BA degree programs in two target universities; 
2. Approximately 400 students of Georgian language preparatory program receiving the course of diversity and tolerance within the program; 
3. Not less than 500 students of the BA degree programs at two target universities attend the university elective course of diversity and tolerance; 
4. The faculties of one year Georgian language program in two target universities deliver the course of diversity and tolerance and are prepared for integration of the course related aspects, experience and knowledge in other courses within the program; 
5. The staff of respective faculty/department is prepared for delivering the course of diversity and tolerance to the BA degree program students while using the developed and translated materials; 
6. The comprehensive, goal-oriented materials are developed and fully available for the students and faculties to use within the course of diversity and tolerance and for other relevant courses; 
7. The module and program for the summer camp of diversity developed and proved practically; 
8. 60 young people of ethnic Azerbaijanis, Armenians and Georgians participated in summer camp of diversity and tolerance enhancing their intercultural competencies, experiencing benefits of interaction between the cultures and strengthening bond of cooperation with their peers; 
9. The guide of diversity for the young people developed and available for the project beneficiaries; 
10. Not less than 150 students are engaged in work of or are benefiting from the services and goods offered by the Laboratory of Diversity created and run within the project.