Project name: Civil and Economic Integration Program
Implementation period: October 2022 – October 2027
Location: Countrywide
Status: Ongoing


The program aims at an adaptive change, which requires openness to constant assessment of volatile social environment, as well as the built-in mechanisms for deliberate learning and adjustment, so that the considerable experience and linkages of its partners are constantly geared towards achieving the behavioural impact. The project aims to study, evaluate and support the effective implementation of the 1+4 program with recommendations for operational improvement of state internship programs and education policy planning.
Project Activities:
» Develop a study to assess operational effectiveness of the 1+4 system (mitigation policy for ethnic minorities at HEIs): CCIIR will study the operational effectiveness of the 1+4 system and will advise the State Minister for Reconciliation and Civic Equality (SMRCE) and the Ministry of education and Science of Georgia (MoES) on the optimized implementation and scaling of the program.
»  Expansion of the State Internship Program for Ethnic Minorities: CCIIR will study the operational effectiveness of the State Internship program and will advise the SMRCE with actionable recommendations on the optimized implementation and scaling of the Internship Program. CCIIR, through participatory policy-development mechanisms, will conduct advocacy and co-creation meetings to facilitate implementation of the recommendations regarding the State Internship Program.
»  Develop a Study about Language Policy in Georgia: CCIIR will work with the MoES and Teachers Professional Development Center (TPDC) to help better understand the strategic and practical pitfalls in incentivizing language education and sustaining the quality of instruction in minority regions. within this direction, CCIIR will provide support to the GoG and conduct a policy research study on language policy in education with actionable recommendations.