Whithin the framewokr of the project “Supporting Multilingual Education in Georgia" (donor organization: OSCE HCNM), CCIIR announces an open call for tenders on provision on printing services. As part of project activities, the project requires the purchase of services related to printing books, guides, posters, visual aid cards. Content, format and illustrations for all of these products are provided by CCIIR. The service provider is responsible for lay-out and design of the materials.

Offerors are responsible for ensuring that their offers are received by CCIIR in accordance with the instructions, terms, and conditions described in the attached document. Failure to adhere with instructions described in the document may lead to disqualification of an offer from consideration.

Offer Deadline and Protocol:Offers must be received no later than 5:00 PM local Tbilisi time on February 10, 2020 by mail or hand delivered to: Mamuka Cheishvili, Apt 90, Mtskheta Street 8, 0179 Tbilisi, Georgia (CCIIR Office). 

The detailed information about the tender and requirements see here