Center for Civil Integration and Inter-ethnic Relations - CCIIR presented the research results on employment opportunities and career growth of ethnic minority students and graduates enrolled through quota system.

The research was conducted within "Promoting Integration, Tolerance and Awareness Program in Georgia" (PITA) implemented by the United Nations Association of Georgia (UNAG) with the financial support of USAID.

CCIIR conducted the research in higher education institutions of Georgia (TSU, ILIA, Medical, Technical and Samtskhe-Javakheti State universities) and aimed at studying labour market opportunities for ethnic minority students and graduates. The organization tried to figure out how the overall employment experience of these youths looks like, in addition to their attitudes and expectations towards the issue. Besides, to what extent do the universities provide students with relevant professional knowledge and skills and how important is their role in career planning and development for students and graduates. The research findings will help education system of Georgia to improve the policy of higher education with regard to facilitating the effective labour market integration of ethnic minority youth.