In the framework of the project “Development of Bilingual Literacy in Minority Schools of Georgia” CCIIR has disseminated Bilingual leveled textbooks of "Reading Ladder" to non-Georgian schools of Kvemo Kartli and Samtskhe-Javakheti regions.

For each Armenian minority school 416 copies of Armenian version of Reading Ladder and 832 copies of Georgian version were printed and delivered. The same amount of copies were printed and delivered for each Azerbaijanian minority school.

The “Reading Ladder” consists of 20 consistent stages. Totally 416 texts were developed and conditionally allocated to 20 stages. The “Reading Ladder” was developed through reading formula that is based on the best practices of book leveling (Pincell and Pountas, Scholastic, Rigby, Reading Recovery) and at the same time incorporates the elements that are specific for Georgian language.

The Reading ladder consists of fictions, non-fictions as well as the texts to develop phonics. The texts are from various genres, such as myth, legends, fairy-tales and classic literature. The “Reading Leader” consists of serial stories as well. The serial texts is called “Stories of Tako, Toko and Pako” and consists of 116 stories.

By supplying teachers and students with sufficient teaching and learning materials, 216 bilingual schools will use bilingual textbooks in teaching/learning process, that ensures the development of biliteracy in grades 1-6 in minority schools of Georgia.