Center for Civil Integration and Inter-ethnic Relations with the cooperation of Tbilisi State University and Samtskhe-Javakheti State University conducted professional development trainings for teachers -"Bilingualism and bilingual education principles". The training program aimed to improve the performance of primary grade teachers and Georgian as a second language teachers of non-Georgian schools.

After the finishing of training course the participants will know/develop

- the theoretical and practical aspects of bilingual education
- subject and second language teaching and assessment strategies in bilingual class
- how to use subject and language integrated teaching and assessment system methodically correctly in bilingual class.
- presentation skills
- how to conduct a research independently
- how to implement a team project

The training program consisted of 45 contact hours (45 hours - independent work; 5 hours - post test).

The trainings were held in the framework of the project “Development and Introduction of Multilingual Teacher Education Programs at Universities of Georgia and Ukraine” funded by the European Commission TEMPUS program. The project aims to develop and implement BA and MA programs in multilingual education at Georgian and Ukrainian universities.