CCIIR has started to conduct professional development programs for teachers in the framework of the project “Development of Bilingual Literacy in Minority Schools of Georgia”. The aim of the training program is to identify the new skills required for reading skills development in native language of minority students, biliteracy instruction and incorporation bilingual leveled texts in teaching/learning process.

The teacher’s professional development program will consist of 45 contact hours. The training program will be implemented for 6 months. Totally, approximately 432 primary school teacher (Minority Language/Reading Teacher) will participate in the program. All Minority language/reading teachers of minority schools will have an opportunity for professional development. The professional development program will also include training in strategies to use technology in teaching process. The gender sensitive approach in the classroom will be included in the training programs and discussed at the training sessions.

The project – “Development of Bilingual Literacy in Minority Schools of Georgia” is being implemented with the financial support of USAID under the program – “All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development”. The idea of the project is to improve reading literacy in native language of ethnic minority students of Georgia as well as enhance state language command. The designed goal will be achieved through: (a) supplying teachers and students with sufficient teaching and learning materials; Development, printing and dissemination Bilingual leveled textbooks (b) capacity building of ethnic minority schools through teachers professional development; (c) using technology in teaching/learning process; Development of web-site with instructional materials; (d) development of electronic multilingual illustrative dictionary (The Georgian- Armenian –Azerbaijanian) installed in bilingual leveled texts computer program.