On March 14, Center for Civil Integration and Inter-ethnic Relations visited Marneuli public school №3, where the ethnic minority school students created illustrations for leveled reading texts “Reading Ladder” initiated by CCIIR.

The process of making paintings seemed to be interesting and entertaining for students. At the end of the visit they were all given drawing inventory as present. Later CCIIR will choose the best illustrations, which would be included in the textbook.

“This kind of activity is very important for integration of non-Georgian school students with their fellows from other public schools. Besides, it motivates them more to learn Georgian language. The students were very happy to find out that they would see their paintings in the book, with which they would learn” – said Maia Butsuradze, Georgian language teacher of Didi Mughanlo village school and the trainer of the program “Teaching Georgian as a Second Language”.

Center for Civil Integration and Inter-ethnic Relations once did that kind of experimental approach, when 7-12 years old native Georgian speakers were gathered in Vake Park and composed assays and stories for their non-Georgian fellows. Some of them were included in the books of elementary levels of the “reading ladder”.

The teaching materials “Reading ladder” is a comprehensive supplementary material for non-Georgian pupils of 1-6 grades aimed at an enhancement of literacy level through developing a speaking, listening, writing and reading skills in Georgian language. The learning kit is very popular in western countries and is used as a primary school and/or complementary materials for school children. The main idea of the reading package is to develop the children’s language competences gradually from very elementary to intermediary stage.