CCIIR participates in the implementation of the project “Development and Introduction of Multilingual Teacher Education Programs at Universities of Georgia and Ukraine” funded by the European Commission TEMPUS program. The twelve higher educational institutions from Georgia, Ukraine, Germany, Latvia, and Lithuania are partners in the project.

The project aims to develop and implement BA and MA programs in multilingual education at Georgian and Ukrainian universities. The following activities will be implemented in the framework of the project:

(a) To prepare the HEI faculty of Georgia and Ukraine to apply modern pedagogical methods due to prepare qualified teachers.
(b) To prepare HEIs of Georgia and Ukraine to deliver modern BA, MA programs of Multilingual Education, which will have two directions: 1. Teacher education; 2. Educational administration; The program will prepare teachers for basic and secondary schools in the different subject areas.
(c) Development of model platform and web-sites for programs and courses for Georgia as well as for Ukraine.
(d) Translation of textbooks for targeted universities into Georgian and Ukrainian languages.
The most important 20 textbooks in the field of education, multilingual education, intercultural education, linguistics will be selected for translation.
(e) E-journal “International Journal on Bilingual Education” will be developed and published in 2013- 2015.

CCIIR will coordinate two important components of the project: (a) Translation of Textbooks in Georgian language; (b) Publishing of "International Journal on Bilingual Education”. CCIIR staff members will participate in development of multilingual teacher education MA program. The project is built on previous project of CCIIR “Supporting Multilingual Education in Georgia” funded by OSCE HCNM.