CCIIR stared implementation of a new project “Development of Bilingual Literacy in Minority Schools of Georgia”. The project is implementing in the framework of the “All Children Reading Programme” funded by USIAD. The project will be implemented between December, 2012 and September, 2014.
The project aims to improve reading literacy in native as well as state language in primary grades of ethnic minority students of Georgia and meanwhile Supporting of Bilingual Education Reform implemented by MoES of Georgia.
The project will be implemented in tight collaboration with The MoES of Republic of Armenia and Union of Azerbaijani Women of Georgia will ensure linguistic support in Azeri and Armenian languages, while working on bilingual leveled text and translations.

 The project will have 3 components and the designed goal of the project will be achieved through:
(a)Developing of Bilingual Leveled Reading Texts - The textbooks of “Reading Ladder” that were developed and piloted in public schools of Georgia in the framework of the project “Supporting Multilingual Educational Reform in Georgia” in 2011-2012 funded by OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities will be translated in Armenian and Azerbaijani languages in the framework of the proposed project. The translated texts will be adopted based on cultural aspects of minority students.
(b) Developing of computer program for bilingual leveled reading texts - The developed “Reading Ladder” will be digitalized and computer program will be developed. The project envisages digitalizing 416 textbooks. The computer program will be based on reading teaching strategies. The digitalized texts will make reading materials more attractive for readers. The developed computer program will have two versions: (a) CD version; (b) Internet version. Internet version of the program will be installed on the web-site The computer program will be accompanied with verbal instructions for users. Therefore electronic multilingual illustrative dictionary will be developed within the project. The web-site itself and all the materials placed on it will be trilingual: Georgian-Armenian- Azerbaijanian;
(c) Developing of Teacher Training Module and Conducting Professional Development Programs for Teachers - While new materials are being developed, project management and expert team will identify the new skills required for reading skills development in Native language of minority students, biliteracy instruction and incorporation bilingual leveled texts in teaching/learning process.