The scientific-methodological journal ,,Bilingual Education’’ has been publishing quarterly by The Center for Civil Integration and Inter - Ethnic Relations (CCIIR) in the framework of the project -‘’Supporting Multilingual Educational Reform in Georgia’’ funded by the OSCE office of High Commissioner on National Minorities. The journal is trilingual and is available Georgian, Azerbaijanian and Armenian languages.

The following articles are presented in the journal:
• The Relationship between the First and the Second Language Writing (G.Shabashvili)
• Age Factors during during the non native language acquisition. (I.Shubitidze)
• Bilingual Programs and Submersion Education for Ethnic Minorities in Georgia. (E.Jajanidze)
• Bilingualism and State Language: Approaches and Strategies (N. Popiashvili)

pdfThe journal "Bilingual Education" # 10