Today, May 24th the school leaving examinations was held in geography. The process of the examination for school leaving certification was observed by the Minister in the School 104 where the Armenian language students were being examined.
The students of non-Georgian school performed significantly better as compared with the last year. The average grade - 8 shows good academic performance.
The students of ethnic minorities are examined for school leaving certification in their native language. The students of graduate grade will pass examination in Physic tomorrow, May 25th; in May 28th the examination in Chemistry, in May 29th in Biology, and in May 30th in math will take place.
According to the initiative of Georgian president, the students of ethnic minorities who pass the test in general skills will be eligible to commence studying at the higher educational institutions of Georgia. The successful school graduates will commence the specific one-year program in Georgian language and later continue possessing their desirable specialization in Georgian.
Worth noting is that the specific leveled textbooks in Georgian language supplemented with audio-video materials were developed and are available for ethnic minorities.