The Ministry of Education and Science and the Centre for Development of Education Quality initiated a National Assessment on Georgian language at the first grade of non-Georgian schools.

The national assessment is a large-scale survey which aims at an evaluation of general education quality throughout the country. The assessment of non-Georgian schools pursues the purpose to determine the relevance of the reform has been implemented in non-Georgian schools in 2011-2012.
The program “Georgian Language for Future Success” that is initiated by the President of Georgia, has been successfully implementing in regions compactly resided by the national minorities. The Volunteers, Georgian native speakers assist non-Georgian students to acquire Georgian language within this program. The guide for accelerated possession of Georgian language was also developed in the framework of the program.

The survey is set up on randomization of the schools national wide. 73 non-Georgian schools participated in the national assessment. 1000 students of first grade, their parents, 100 teachers of Georgian language and 100 volunteer Georgian teachers as well as directors of all 73 schools were surveyed. Students accomplished written tests and filled questionnaires. The adult participants were also surveyed. They stated their attitude and thoughts towards the Georgian language teaching strategy and implemented reforms. The national assessment will determine the effectiveness of the new approaches adopted in non-Georgian schools as well as academic performance of students in Georgian language. There is planned to prepare the report on survey results and analysis as well s conclusions and recommendations in July.