Centre for Civil Integration and Inter-Ethnic Relations has been implementing the project “Supporting of Non-Georgian Schools in Implimentation of New Educational Reforms” since Aug. 2011. The project is financed by the Open Society Georgia Foundation and aims at an improvement of education quality through provision of the directors and teachers of non-Georgian schools with practical and subject guides in their native – Armenian and Azerbaijani languages and implementation of their professional development programmes.

In December 2011, within the project the memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the CCIIR and the Centre of National Curricular and Evaluation at the Ministry of Education and Science. The Guides that are to be translated within the project were prioritized. Working on the translation of six subject guides for primary grade was commenced. The guides include: Nature Science, Mathematics, Music, Arts, Sports and My Motherland (History). By this time five guides has been translated and edited. Translation of the sixth guide – history will be finished by end of May 2012. In June the seminars for directors as well as introduction meetings with the subject teachers will take place. The staff and experts of Department of National Curricular and General Education Development will lead the seminars and meetings. There is planned to lead more than 50 meetings in each regional destrict of Kvemo Kartli and Samtkhe-Javakheti Regions.