CCIIR presents the Concept of the Civil Integration of the persons belonging to national minorities.

This publication consists of three sections. The first section contains background information on legal aspects concerning official recognition of national minorities under state jurisdiction.Reader can acquaint with a statistical data on the demographic situation and a brief review of the types of residence of minority groups in Georgia.

 The main statements of the Concept are given in the second part. Authors propose the analysis of the legacy of the ethno-national thinking as an obstacle for the civil integration in Georgia. They provide their view of the perspectives of the civil society building as a main precondition for the successful civil integration of the persons belonging to national minorities.
Readers can find the map of terms on the civil integration issues. These issues are considered in the context of the human rights protection theory and practice. Concept’s authors analyse the current state in regards to the legal definition of the national/ethnic minority. They propose their version of the differentiation of these notions.
The principal moments of the strategy of the state policy on the civil integration are developed as well.

There are practical recommendations for the implementation of the integration policy in various spheres in the third section of the Concept. The blocks of legislative, linguistic, educational and religious issues are of the special interest because of the recent updates of the Georgian legislation.

Additional information is provided in the Annexes to the Concept

pdfConcept of Civil Integration, CCIIR, 2011