The scientific- methodological journal ,,Bilingual Education’’ has been publishing quarterly by The Center for Civil Integration and Inter - Ethnic Relations (CCIIR) in the framework of the project -‘’Supporting Multilingual Educational Reform in Georgia’’ funded by the OSCE office of High Commissioner on National Minorities.
Currently, the sixth volume of the journal has been issued, where you can view the articles of Georgian authors as well as articles of foreign authors. Presented articles concerning the issues such as: Teachers and parents attitudes toward multilingual education in Georgia; Georgian student’s intercultural sensitivity towards Aphkazians; Difficulties in the process of multilingual education in non-Georgian schools; The role of bilingualism and foreign language in the in terms of employment in Georgia; The practical examples on conscious change of languages in the bilingual classes and etc.

Armenian and Azerbaijan translation of the magazine is also supported by the project and all non-Georgian schools are provided with the Journals. The journal strives for dissemination of information on bilingual education and encourages development of scientific and academic study and analysis of the direction
The articles in “Bilingual Education”present five core directions ’: (1) The theory, research, policy and practice of bilingual education; (2) implementation and outcomes of bilingual pilot programs in 40 non-Georgian schools; (3) Aspects of subject and language integrated teaching methodology; (4) Administration of bilingual schools and programs; (5) Frequently asked questions and replies on bilingual education