Center for Civil Integration and Inter-Ethnic Relation (CCIIR) started an implementation of the project “Supporting of Non-Georgian Schools in the Implementation of New Educational Reforms” with funcial support of “Open Society Georgia Foundation” .

The project aims at an improvement of professional competencies of teaches, as well at a provision of school administrations with methodological materials and professional development program. The project will support the state initiatives that are focused on effective integration of national ethnic minorities. In the framework of the project non-Georgian schools will be provided with the materials translated in their native - Armenian and Azerbaijani languages as well trainings and seminars will be conducted for school administrators and teachers to increase knowledge and acquire appropriate professional and practical skills.

The following activities will be implemented:

• School Principal Standard will be translated and distributed among the non-Georgian schools of Samtkhe-Javakheti and Kvemo Kartli regions;

• Teachers subject-based guides will be translated and handed over to the non-Georgian schools;

• Guide for school principle also will be translated and the target schools provided;

• 40 seminars that introduce the guides to teachers will be organized in both regions;

• One day seminar for non-Georgian school principles on school management issues will take place.