The Center for Civil Integration and Inter-Ethnic Relations’’ has been developed and issued management guide - “Instructional leadership: Guide for school administrations’’ This guide has been issued in the framework of the project “Integration of Non-Georgian Schools in Educational Reform” funded by U.S. Embassy Democracy Commission Small Grant Program.

 In the first chapter of guide are discussed theories of leadership in education, and described functions of school principal as head of the educational process (Instructional Leader). The followed chapters are focused on 3 key aspects for effective Instructional Leadership: a) Development and implementation of curriculum. b) Teacher evaluation and professional development; c).Attendance at the lessons and examination of learning process.

 The guide will be useful for operating school administrators, representatives of educational resource – centers as well as for the specialists of educational administration.
The guide will raise interest among the motivated teachers, who care for continuous professional development. And finally, the students linking their future career development with educational management and teaching are also envisaged as a target audience. .
The project also supported translation and publishing of the guide in Armenian and Azerbaijani languages. All non Georgian schools will be provided with Azerbaijani and Armenian version.