On October 21st in village Variani the event dedicated to the 160th anniversary of the famous Georgian writer – Jacob Gogebashvili took place. The event was organized by the participants, school personnel and parents of three Youth Initiative Centers of Akhaldaba, Shindisi and Variani Villages. Young participants introduced the work of the writer through small performances, national dances and songs were also performed. In the hall of the school the exhibition of small souvenirs made by the young people also took place. The event was highly attended and appreciated by the the local society as well as representatives of local non-governmental and international organizations, local municipality.

The event was organized in the framework of the project “Youth Initiative Centers” funded by the Dutch donor organization Stitching Vluchtering (SV). The project creates a network of 13 youth initiative centers and gether displaced young people from the IDP settlments and their local peers in Shida Kartli Region. On this stage of work, the project seeks for the mechanism and funds for further sustainability and endurance of the centers nevertheless the final goal of the project is to hand over the centers to the relevant state agencies, promote replication of the model in other regions of Georgia and advocate their financing from the state budget.