CCIIR has been implementing the project , ,Supporting Multilingual Education Reform’’ since May 2010 with financial support of OSCE office of High Commissioner on National Minorities. The training sessions planned and organized within the project framework was held on 18-23 September 2010 in borough Bakuriani. This is a follow-up of the training sessions led by Ligita Grigule and Marina Gurbo, multilingual education experts from Latvia. The training session by the Latvian experts was aimed at the thorough discussion of the different modules used in Bilingual Education. The participant were the staff of the Resource Centers of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia who are in charge of coordination of bilingual education in Tbilisi and Regions densely populated by the Armenian and Azerian ethnical minorities. The follow-up training session was conducted by experts - Maia Inasaridze and Nino Sharashenidze. The main goal of the training was to enable participants to analyze the concept and meaning of bilingual education; identify local problems, needs and define ways and strategies for solution. The training sessions covered the issues as followed:

• The main principles of adult education.
• Planning for effective trainings.
• Determine the substance of culture.
• Determine of tolerance and intercultural relations.
• Determine substance of bilingual instruction.
• Detailed analysis of the learning process.
• Use of active methods in Bilingual education.