The first volume of bimonthly scientific- methodological journal ‘’Bilingual Education’’ was issued by The Center for Civil Integration and Inter-Ethnic Relations (CCIIR ).
The journal “Bilingual Education’’ is published in the framework of the project ,,Supporting Multilingual Educational Reform in Georgia’’. The project is funded by the office of OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities.
The journal is bimonthly and trilingual (Georgian, Armenian and Azerbaijani languages). The journal strives to advance knowledge about bilingual education, to encourage scholarly inquiry related to education, and to promote the use of research to improve bilingual education programs.
The journal ‘’Bilingual Education’’ has five directions: (1) The theory, research, policy and practice in bilingual education; (2) Information about implementation of bilingual programs in 40 pilot non-Georgian schools (3) Content and language integrated teaching methodology; (4) Administration of bilingual schools and programs; (5) Questions and Answers on bilingual education


pdfBilingual Education #1